1. Step on the Internet: With CamViewSmart service, easy to achieve a variety of network penetration, one step to remote monitoring.
  2. Ideal Compression algorithm: H.264 High Profile compression algorithm, 30% decrease of stream due to advanced space-time filtering technology.
  3. Mobite monitor: Support various mobile monitoring(iPhone, Android), support 3G Dial-up and WIFE module extension.
  4. Playback quality: Full real-time synchronously playback.
  5. Video access: 6*1080P etc.
  6. Display: Support TV, HD VGA and HDMI output simultaneously(VGA, HDMI support 1080P HD output),overturn traditional monitoring thoroughly.
  7. Operation interface: Similar to CMS operating style, easy to get started with powerful mouse right-click function.
  8. Network:Powerful network services (support DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, EMAIL, IP permissions, IP searches, Alarm Center, etc.) and perfect support (WEB, Client, SDK), easy to achieve interoperability.
  9. Browsers: Support IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers.
  10. Remote Access: With its own domain name service functions (ARSP), and one key to remote monitoring,monitoring becomes easy and enjoyable. 3322 (Greek network), dyndns, oray (peanut shells), myq-see and other Domain Name Services are also provided.
  11. Device port:support 1SATA ports, Maximal 6T HDD, 2*USB2.0 ports, easy to carry out USB mouse, backup, burning, upgrading and other operations.
  12. Differentiation: Boot screen free replacement, more than twenty languages, over 10 sets of GUI interface, ten kinds of remote control, available in dozens of button panel, which make our products different from others.
  13. Others: Perfect circuit protection, unique triple watchdog function, ensure that the equipment never crashes. With unique black box technology, the whole process can be monitored, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.